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Purge Through Art

The Catharsis Series is a continued event, that occurs two times a year, which is designed to provide an opportunity for visual and performance artists to reveal their inner truth. The goal is to allow artists to purge through their art form in a safe and protected environment while educating audiences on vigorous concepts that can intensify their interest to further immerse themselves within their lives. The word “catharsis” is the process of releasing strong, repressed emotions, and this event strives to find artists who want to do just that. The term limits does not exist within this series. The Catharsis Series is an opportunity for artists to explore any art form without limitations or restrictions. It is the artists’ time of freedom to speak their truth and take off their metaphoric mask. This event is more than a time to show off the coolest tricks or movement; it is an event to authentically produce work that releases the fire inside the artist and produce artistic creations that showcase a human’s genuine heart, mind, and soul.


Another goal for this innovative showcase, which goes even further than a free opportunity for artists to produce work, is to gain financially to further assist artists in funding within the art community. The profits of the series directly entrusts to our grant program called the ARTSHIELD Foundation. The foundation was created to financially assist other artists, in any art form, to continue creating imaginative and aesthetic masterpieces for the art communities. While the Catharsis Series produces opportunity for performance, the ARTSHIELD Foundation produces opportunity for the process. The series in partnership with the foundation provides independent artists, organizations, dance studios, performance schools, and even more with budget-friendly opportunities to continue creating art. 


All artists who want to participate must apply online, on our website, to be considered to participate in the Series. The process is simple and completely free. The application will ask a series of questions that must be answered to provide an understanding of intentions for the board of the directors to choose their choice of whose concept will perform. The applications are considered by the meaning and description of the work as well as the concept that is being presented. Approximately fourteen groups or independent artists will be chosen to participate in The Catharsis Series. A maximum of three dance studios or student performance teams are invited to participate in this event to encourage young dancers to enhance their knowledge and vision of the world of dance.

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