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Drapinski Dance Company is a performance company that professionally focuses on the passion of preserving the performing art form of concert dance. The dance company executes this by having an array of talented artists in the Orlando area that educates and demonstrates realism behind movement to our audiences. The company does their best to be a platform for our own artists, as well as other artists in our area, for self-discovery, expression, and even therapeutic release through classes, performances opportunities, and exploration of movement. DDC produces material for the purpose of providing purpose. We strive to connect to our audiences through relatable content, as well as educating them through immersive discoveries to engage our audiences to be more than a pair of eyes.

                Drapinski Dance Company is not a dance studio or school that teaches dance technique. The dance company produces professional benefit showcases throughout the year that focuses on raising funds for the dance community, as well as specific charities that we choose.

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