is an accomplished dancer and choreographer who currently performs at Universal Studios Orlando, in Orlando FL. Before moving to Florida, Alexander danced with multiple dance companies in Boston MA, some including: Impact Dance Company, a contemporary dance company directed by Megan McCaffery, Lostwax Multimedia Dance, a modern dance company directed by Jamie Jewett. Mr. Drapinski had to opportunity to travel with this company, performing in Boston MA, Pittsburgh PA, Tulsa OK, Sarasota FL, and Providence RI. Mr. Drapinski has also performed with LCTC-Lorraine Chapman-The Company, Inc. performing at the Alvin Ailey Theatre in New York City, as well as Prometheus Dance under the direction of Diane Arvanites & Tommy Neblett.

          One of Alexander’s greatest joys was directing Perceptions-The Concert Dance Experience. He established the program to provide high school dancers  an opportunity to experience concert dance while being exposed to all aspects of a professional dance company. The company performed annually at Dean College in Franklin MA.

          Mr. Drapinski earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Dean College Palladino School of Dance. During his college career, he danced with Dean College’s Dance Company. He demonstrated his diverse talents by performing hip hop, modern dance, tap, jazz, contemporary dance, and ballet. Alongside Dance Company, he had the opportunity to perform and choreographed for student run variety shows along with his fellow classmates.

          Alexander has had the pleasure of spreading his love for the art of dance by teaching students in contemporary, tap, and hip hop dance techniques, for nine years, in the states of MA and FL. At the moment, Mr. Drapinski teaches at Orlando International School of Dance, where his contemporary choreography has won multiple choreography awards at their regional and national competitions.

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