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The ARTSHIELD Foundation was founded in 2018 to support emerging performing and visual artists in the United States of America. The foundation has been formed to provide further funding for artists that believe in having a creative exploration process while establishing their material that educates audiences in an artistic manner. The foundation encourages artists to master their material by using unique approaches to discover imaginative narratives. The Foundation challenges artists with their creative process as well as requests their final product improve the surrounding community by broadening an audience’s knowledge innovated actions. The Foundation provides three diverse grants for artists to submit applications to, such as: the Artist Grant, the Project Grant, and the Student Scholarship. All grant submissions must execute similar sentiments of the ARTSHIELD Foundation’s vision to be considered.


The ARTSHIELD Foundation works as a structured tool that will provide the chosen artists with professional assistance from the foundation team. This assistance includes offering our knowledge in subjects such as: advertisement, marketing, program development, and much more. We wish success on our recipients’ final products, so the foundation commits to support artists’ projects to the end result. There are no time restraints accepting assistance with The ARTSHIELD Foundation; recipients may work with the foundation for a minimum of two months, while others may work with the foundation for five years; we promise to be with our artists every step of the way no matter the time.


As said, The ARTSHIELD Foundation provides three diverse grants to performing and visual artists named: the Artist Grant, The Project Grant, and the Student Grant. All three grants are different, but all serve the same purpose of exploring creative processes while establishing material. The Artist Grant will be granted to individual artists or organizations that require more than $500.00 for upcoming creations. Depending on the needs of the artist or organization; requests of a maximum of $1,000.00 can be submitted to fund the recipient to cover the cost of performances, advertisement, costumes, dancers, and more. There is no limit to where the funds may go for the Artist Grant. Unfortunately, the Artist Grant does not permit grants over $1,000.00 at the moment, and only one Artist Grant may be rewarded per year. The Project Grant will be granted to any independent artist or organization that needs funds quickly to assist with finalizing their project(s). Applying for the Project Grant indicates the artist is almost finished with their project but requires extra funds to complete the ingenious works. The Project Grant can and will only fund a maximum of $500.00 to support the final elements to the artists’ works. Only two Project Grants will be rewarded per year. Lastly, the Student Grant will be granted to young artists ages 17 to 22 who want to pursue a college career in any art form. Art forms can include: dance, music, acting, theater, and more. The college concentration must be the major of the young artist; a minor concentration is not permitted to be eligible of this particular grant. Young artists can request a maximum of $1,000.00 which may assist with tuition, room and board, books, proper attire, etc. Only one Student Grant will be rewarded per year. Each of these grants has its own application fee of $35.00 to process the paperwork submitted.


The ARTSHIELD Foundation will officially begin to reward grants to independent artists, organizations, and young artists starting the month of January of the year 2022. The time from now until then is to secure funds for the foundation before granting funds to multiple artists in the United States of America. All information in regards to the ARTSHIELD Foundation can be found on Drapinski Dance Company’s website.


Once The ARTSHIELD Foundation starts to fund artists in the community, the grant awards listed above will increase. The number of grants rewarded will increase as well as the amount of the grants. First and foremost, it is the foundation’s ambition to secure itself as a foundation while offering a maximum of what it can and then slowly develop over time to become an extremely giving foundation.


To provide secure financing for performing and visual artists who believe in protecting and shielding the creative exploration process of any art from by delivering innovated material that supports and educates a surrounding community and following.

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