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ACT 1:

The Bus Stop

          Featuring: Drapinski Dance’s Apprentice Company


The Bus Stop is a work that takes the audience through the lives of eight different individuals, who are all connected to each other. These eight individuals all meet at the same Bus Stop every day, but do not fully understand what goes on in each other’s lives. There is a Homeless Woman who gave up her child at a young age to give that child the best life they could live. This orphaned daughter has trouble fitting in and desires a man who does not love her back. This man has his own problems that develop as the work goes on; he is also friends with a lonely man who cannot choose between two of his girlfriends. The goal of this piece is to educate our audience members that, even though you are around the same people every day, you truly do not know what is going on in their lives.



Unnamed Homeless Woman: Diana Alvarez

Lauren: Marissa Ritz

Mean Girls: Faith Elevald & Skylar Orie

The Other Women: Alaina Ebenal & Amanda Ortiz

Michael: Edwardo Alvarez

John: Jeovanni Bonilla


5 Minute Intermission


ACT 2"

Il Verso Mancante

          Featuring: Drapinski Dance Company


Il Verso Mancante (Italian for “The Missing Verse”), takes the audience on a journey of movement with a story that explores many religions and questions how they are all related. The work illustrates the story of Jesus and Judas and who truly betrayed who. The work also illustrates the story of Lucifer Morningstar and a twisted take on why this character is evil. Ultimately, the work visually describes a battle between good and evil, leaving the audience to question the opinion of which side is good and which side is evil.



Jesus: Diana Alvarez

Lucifer: Jazlyn Genna Caing

Judas: Carly Rickman

Lillith: Geovanna Garavelo-Bortotelo

Disciples: Aliecia Marie Anderson, Macy Dunne, Alaina Ebenal, Caila Gowland, Caitlin O’Connell, Amanda, Ortiz, Marissa Ritz, Crystal Ruiz, Margaret Seither, Kayla Smith, & Breann Veney

Demons: Alix Gabrielle Achee, Edwardo Alvarez, Nicolette Blake, Jeovanni Bonilla, Rhe’a Hughes, Michele Kalis, Natalie Krivokuca, Ariel Newman & Xavier Patten

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