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Purge Through Art

The Future:

                The future of this series gently depends on the focused and driven visual artists in the community. Our goal is to have two concert series per year to serve for a variety of contributing artists. The long term plan for this series is that it can contribute funding to specific visual art projects and schooling in the Orlando Community to enhance the knowledge of visual art around us. As this is the beginning of the Catharsis Series, this may take a few years to gather the appropriate funds to starts that aspect of this series, but DDC will be working hard to make it happen as soon as possible.

How can visual artists purge through art?

                As visual artists we have the understanding to create movement based on reason and intention. Within those reasons and intentions can be a repressed emotion that an artist may want to release. And what better way than through visual art. The term purging means to rid someone of an unwanted feeling, memory, or condition. The term doesn’t always have to have negative purpose. To purge through art means to rid ourselves or someone of repressed emotions that we no longer want to feel. It means to perform reality to better ourselves as artists and the audience’s knowledge of cleansing absolute truth.  DDC galvanizes those to share their desires, dreams, experiences, knowledge, fiction and non-fiction stories that will educate and energize the hearts of our audiences.

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