The Missing Verse - Cast List

Here is the cast list you have all been waiting for. Everyone role can be changed at any minute due to absences, tardiness, and not remembering the material. The 12 disciples as well as the 9 rings of hell, depending on how the creative process is your name may change; but I plan on doing my best to stay with what I have assigned.


Jesus: Diana

Judas: Carly

Peter: Caitlin VD

Andrew: Caila

James: Aliecia

John: Caitlin OC

Phillip: Margaret

Bartholomew: Steven

Thomas: Macy

Matthew: Ryan

James 2: Kayla

Thaddaeus: Crystal

Simon: Bre


Lucifer: Jazlyn

Lillith: Geovanna

Limbo: Michelle

Limbo: Alix

Lust: Nicolette

Gluttony: Jeovanni

Greed: Robert

Anger: Rhe'a

Heresy: Ariel

Violence: Natalie

Fraud: Xavier

Treachery: Cara

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