May 6 Rehearsal - SHOW NOTES

Below you can view and read our show notes from our rehearsal for our production titled "The Missing Verse" on May 6 at Ready Set Dance. Please use these notes as a reference for your learning process. It is strictly prohibited to showcase share these notes to your friends and family.



- Wrap head fully with burqa

- When you put the dress on, make sure the white shirt is tucked in

Angels 1:

- Glue hands as you walk.

- Amanda: geisha runs!

- Relook: Semi circle formation

- Everyone folly Carly on how to get up from floor after semi-circle

- Alaina: walk with the music

- Relook: last formation.

Demons 1:

- ANGELS: arms to side right away when you sit.

o Hide your thumbs when your block your eyes

o Hands fold then pray

- Demons were very early!

- Alix: watch the direction you start your run.

- Rhe’a avoid Alix when running to center stage. Run behind her and let her cross.

Jesus & Judas:

- Just work on sequencing of the dance. Know what comes next


- Keep focus on Judas as the demons come on stage.

- Demons closer to wall with new choreography.

- Jeo and Ariel: make the sheet wider to avoid seeing Carly’s feet or body

- Also feel free to shake the sheet.

Angels 2:

- Self-note: You walked to fast

- Diana: walk on slow before the walk on water.

- Slower with the legs in the air.

- Better with the transition but even play more!


- Angels were messy, lets clean up the choreo

- Alix/Rhe’a/Jeo: Open arms at same time.

- Demons: flat feet in the slow-mo arch.