May 20 Rehearsal - SHOW NOTES

Updated: May 27

Below you can view and read our show notes from our rehearsal for our production titled "The Missing Verse" on May 20 at Ready Set Dance. Please use these notes as a reference for your learning process. It is strictly prohibited to showcase share these notes to your friends and family.

Jesus 1:

- Truly secure the velcro with the monk costume.

- When taking the Jesus costume out of the chest, make it a bit more magical. Reveling the costume.

Angels 1:

- Bre: Glue your hands to your thighs.

- Marissa and Alaina: don't look around! Work the choreo into your brain and muscles.

- When in layered choreo - know which way your hands and wrist flick!

- Kayla Smith back up in your semi circle formation.

- All dancers point toes in roll going to choir

- Nice job choir, just kill the choreo all the way to end, don't give up.

- Straighten back leg in arabesque in group choreo.

- Nice Diana but move more Stage Left

- more plie at the end of the second jump!

- Know the angle of the ripple arabesque, should be to the back door.

- Amanda: hit a first position when waiting to the sides.

- Last Supper: sharper and know your counts for second 8 counts.

- Alaina, don't be behind in choreo after last supper

- Diana don't be early for in sutenu before "X" formation.

- Bre: be in the "X" formation, you were a little behind. don't stagger

- Amanda: use core to get off floor.

- Walking before Jewish circle, roll through your feet and it should be heel ball toe. Don't walk like a dancer.

- All dancers: go through your second plie in two groups choreo that Diana does both times. Get lower.

- Bre: keep gluing your hands!

- Sharper in extremely dynamic music!


Demons 1:

- Angels: have eyes face towards the audience

- Angles : when putting your hand on your heart don't be in a fist, have a blade on your hearts

- Angels: before the "r" choreo don't forget to look up.

- Angels: stage left was early before blocking your eyes.

- Aliecia: extend finger tips when doing the "deer" hand gesture

- Extend fingers in your lotus hand choreo

- put hand on the ground right away, don't put it on your thigh.

- Diana: hear something and then walk around stage before Demons.

- Demons: front foot is it rotated or parallel toward audience?

- Geovanna: use core coming out of the tilt jump!

- Jeovanni: use stage left a little more!

- Xavier: don't tuck your foot!

- Edwardo: both hands are on the ground when kneeling in diagonal.

- Great timing!

- ground your self in the running!

- fists when you are running, don't have blades!

- Jazlyn don't do extra run around!

- Edwardo get on stage sooner>

- Sharper hands for the people who coming on stage to the bass.

- Alix, have hands slower come down so the flip off doesn't last that long.

- Jeovanni (and edwardo): right hands on thigh and left hand on floor for the second time your kneel.

- Geovanna or Jazlyn turned the wrong way in first turn of the gun phrase.

- Hit releve of the turn!

- Love the breathing! keep it!

- live in the slow moments of the gun phrase! breath through it!

- Ending formation needs to stretch out! so no one rolls and hits their heads on each other

- Don't forget the ball change in the ninja walks!

- Straight the ending choreo together! KNOW THE CUE!

- Stop looking at each other. know what you are doing!

Lucifer and Jesus:

- Jazlyn: be off stage when your are controlling the demons so the front people can see you.

- you forgot the 4 walks which can take you off stage!

- Connect passe Jazlyn

- Use upper body for hilter walks!

- Extend legs when you go up.- breath through it, don't show you are tired.

- Great timing!

- Live in all of your moments! Don't rush anything.

- Take time to sync into breath before choreo together at end.

- Great timing at end.

- Great intention! Keep whatever we are doing!

- Diana: don;t hide the shake of the hands for the deal. We want the audience to see it!

Jesus & Judas:

- Diana: when talking to god really look up, use your profile a bit more to show the audience you are talking to someone above.

- Watch out for the chest when you touch it. Don't get a splinter!

- Keep weight on your feet, NOT HEEL, with the leg around!

- Diana: you can lean on the chest but don't put too much weight on it. Use your core more.

- Great timing together.

- Carly: forgot envelpe before passe jump.

- Great story telling.

- Make sure when mask is off that we kiss her cheek to show the painting of the kiss of Judas.

- Get ending choreography together! - after Diana walks on knees to Judas


- Demons: great entrances but make sure you are glaring at Judas.

- Jeovanni: be closer when on floor to be closer to Carly for the fall.

- Extend hand all the way behind you.

- Thank you for sitting the right way no sides.

- Watch where we put down Geovanna in lift so we don't place her on Carly's face,

- Michele use plie coming out of life.

- Rolling on back, feet should be in barbie.

- Don't question the timing. Be together, not sure who was correct.

- Diana: don't forget to come on stage!

Angels 2:

- Hear the cure of the arm and be together!

- One leg should be bent when we are on the ground from the start!

- bring up legs slowly not sharp!

- whose wrist didnt we walk on?

- Feet come together and legs bend on the boom not after she walks on you. The leg needs to go down and wait for the boom!

- Talk your time getting to your spot, you have time, dont be frantic.

- Sutenu together - Amanda was a little early.

- Kayla: Make spaz moment bigger and more demonic and ooze when diana touches you, melt a bit to become less demonic. - Needs more moment!

- Caitlon OC: I think we changed your formation for corwd surfing to be in the back.

- Hit a parallel when your face the front, right away

- Quick choreo needs to be together.

- Kayla Smith: just a second behind in group choreo coming from the straight line.

- Sway through arms in wing flap.

- Diana turn off the right shoulder to face the front

- Diana and amanda: one of you you should not be putting your arms up. in the low up, up. Someone is wrong.

- dont hold your breath in the double turn. make smoother and breath.


- Getting into huddle, you can do whatever you need to do, it doesnt need to be perfect nor dancey. make it natural and real.

- As we stand back before battle stand still and have arms glued to side.

- Diana ask if we open the chest. do not open the chest but use chest and book like choreo to tie in the Judas choreo. - Great choices were made!

The Battle:

- Angels dont look down while standing in the back.

- Diana looked the wrong way the first time but fixed it.


- Macy just A second behind at the end of the angels choreo.

- Crystal: point toes in envelpe, you and them flexed.

- Bre open hands above head at the right time.

- Alix: get air time in jump!

- Angels use down stage in quick come on choreo with demons.

- Demons rotate jumps in x jump to front!

- Run has to be faster for everyone!

- Formation whole! Rhe'a and Kayla should move stage right a bit.

- Jazlyn and Geovanna great choice in big choreo.

- Have fun in what you are doing with the boxing match part. Dont laugh and be awkward cause you feel weird. own the section!

- Diana let neck go in baby cradle with Jazlyn

- Add Jazlyn trying to run away from Lilith to Jesus before Lilith takes Lucifer off.

Jesus Solo 2:

- Diana, interact with box a bit more, knee walks can take you to the box as well as have a moment with it before you run away from it.


- Jazlyn, sharper hands with the elbows come up.

- Before you grab hands, Diana hesitate. remember you were enemies at one point but now she is weirdly being nice.

- Great floor work!

- Geovanna really touch jazlyns back as you kill her!

- Geovanna add one last stab in Diana's back to kill her.


Demons 2:

- Get beginning choreo together!

- dont second guess yourself Alix

- The spaz need to be closer, make it a clump.

- nicolette and Rhea make feet in spaz parallel.

- hit the electric moment.

- Alix know the choreo, you went up when you were to go down.

- Michele have left foot popped before zombie walk.

- Alix and Michele: look at choreo that gets faster!

- Make sure to get down on the ground in the silence.

- Xavier: dont let feet come up behind you as you crawl.

- Alix stand up a second earlier, with everyone else!

- Make sure to really run!

- Fix stage Left's run!


- Make sure the back formation with Demons is a triangle!

- Macy and Bre : grab one wrist when arms are behind back.

- Walk down stage my first two duets to get away from the formation!

- Angels: in all of your walks for this dance, have your heads and eyes dip down and be sad as if you are hurt by the death of Jesus.

- Geovanna: just a tiny bit early with with the blow away.

- Demons dont anticipate the movement! know the cue and be ready for it!

- when we lean to the side, make sure to pop foot not tondue.

- Alix, Rhe'a and Carly, we are just a bit behind everyone else!

- 3 people who do arabesque get it higher than 90 so we can see it!

- Xavier: Hold turn dont fall out of it.

- Extend hand above you as we tilt to the side get it up out of your face.

- Diana dont move to the center until the trio is done cause we saw you move to the center.

- Diana: make sure we jump before we strangle Lilith.

- Angles dont forget to look up before looking at jesus.

- Demons let Angels cut through in run.

- Close up shop in between Natalie and Jeo: there is a gap that doesnt need to be there.

- Diana I like that you went all the way down in the line of angels, lets keep that.

- Alaina, know your formation and run and get out of the way.

- Angels: get tighter!

- Demons: fan kick together!

- Demons: crawl more to get out off stage. try yout best to get more to the sides to give the angels more room for their choreo.

- Great choices Geovanna, take more time to just stare in awe at Jesus that he is alive cause you thought you killed him, so be a bit more shocked. but love everything you are doing with the chest.

- Kayla: just behind in tore, jump up with everyone else.

- Bre: have a blade in the party arms for passe!

- Hold releve! live in the moment as you squeeze your core!


Last Duet:

- Great interaction with the two of you! Keep it and even do more!

- make apple moment come from chest!

- Hold the turn diana, dont fall out of it.

- Make life higher, I think hips can be connected.

- Monk has to come out sooner!

- Get monk costume together, dont loose the grip of the costume!

- Get the burqa all the way up!

- Diana: work through costume change!

- Practice the hard lift!

- A little bit early in choreo cause we marked the lift.

- Get roll to floor together!

Jesus 1 - Angels 1 - Demons 1

Lucifer & Jesus - Judas & Jesus - Judas Dance

Angels 2 - The Battle - Jesus 2 - Trio

Resurrection - Final Duet