May 17 Rehearsal - SHOW NOTES

Below you can view and read our show notes from our rehearsal for our production titled "The Bus Stop" on May 17 at Ready Set Dance. Please use these notes as a reference for your learning process. It is strictly prohibited to showcase share these notes to your friends and family.




- Know the cue to walk on.

- Edwardo have energy in your fingers tips in arch with Alaina

- Be grounded when your run!

- Deeper plie for groups section.

- Wave through your body.

- Amanda stand in front of bench instead of on top of it.

- Know the formation running away from the bench.

- Jeovanni: drop body.

Homeless Woman:

- Get air time!

- Let upper body go in hinge around.

- Arms behind your head more in drug section.

- Start the correct way

- Marissa live in that flat back turn.

- Jump higher!!!

- Strong back leg in jump!

Mean Girls Trio:

- Energy in fingers tips for attitude

- Marissa, tilt body more when bringing leg up.

- More stage right in formation!

- Faith good timing!

- More plie in the hand hitting section.

- Look away together.

- Faith choreo? NEW ROLL SECTION!

-Bigger push away from marissa.

- Nice acting skills!

- Skylar watch neck in lift.

- Faith turn!

- last move after walks hold longer.

- Marissa: watch supporting leg in illusion.

The Fight:

- Edwardo stretch out when Faith leaves on bench.

- Amanda dont forget the stomp.

- Run together, coming from floor

- More upper body on the two steps back.

- Plie out of leg extension, too much pressure on knee.

- Great spacing!

- Amanda and Alaina look at each other after pushing edwardo back before ending choreo.

- Be together in ending choreo!


- no weight on heel in the attitude around.

- get upper body ow on the fun part.

- Hit the coupe in turn.

- after two throws hit the bench now.

- die slower!

- Jeovani more side body so the audience can see!


- More plie in second position in front of bench.

- End downstage at end.


- Look at marissa in floor reach.

- energy n finger tip on "find out"

- Alaina move up on formation.

- watch your pose on the bench, after running from marissa (look to your right)

- stretch out ending formation.

- slow look at bench!



- Amanda head snap no 8.

- Faith timing?

- Skylar run off stage around the bench.

- Faith and Skylar duet late.

- Edwardo and Faith split center for heartbeat section.

- Jeo: we will look at moment to drink during this dance.

Homeless Woman:

- Marissa early - go with other timing.

- Beautiful character choices!

- touch floor and sniff at end.

Mean Girls Trio:

- Faith: that was the look!

- Watch spacing!

The Fight:

- Great acting!

- Flex foot in chug!


- Jeo: watch leg as it comes around the bench,.

- watch marissa knee coming to floor.

- be closer together.

- lets practice in the jacket more.


- faith heart arms faster.

- edwardo get on bench faster and have a moment.

- go over ending choreo! and be together!