Below you can view and read our show notes from our rehearsal for our production titled "The Missing Verse" on May 13 at Ready Set Dance. Please use these notes as a reference for your learning process. It is strictly prohibited to showcase share these notes to your friends and family.

Resurrection Walk through for Angels:

Resurrections with music: (Angels Sections)

Angels 2:

- Amanda move forward in diagonal.

- Margaret flex right foot.

- Being your right leg down and then it bends on the boom.

- Point feet in your floor roll

- Hold your core standing up from the floor, feet are in a fifth.

- Alaina: float while your walk away.

- Aliecia: finger tips stretch when your are running backwards.

- Make sure to line up with center line.

- There is more time in big choreo before the curve (sink)

- Look with your eyes as your look from right to left.

- Take time getting to your spot for the battle.

Angels 2 Video:

Demons 1:

- Stand still before the four looks

- More pelvis in hinge.

- Rhe'a and Ariel's choreo have more upper body in leg play.

- Run with your arms.

- Know how to kneel. Tuck feet.

- more body rotation when on floor.

- Be together in the circle choreo! Watch ariel for timing.

- Know how to kneel!

- Diana: run to the left of them.

- strong arms in gun phrase.

- stretch out the formation for the rolls, everyone was way to close.

- 2 steps take you back.

- Know where you stand in the last formation.


(Jazlyn stands where Diana is and Jeovanni stands where Carly is and Alix stands where Caila is.)

Angels 1:

- Diana stretch that low leg on floor before battement.

- Geisha all the way off stage.

- Macy push out for the duet section in formation,

- OC: dont run off stage.

- Amanda back up a little in semi circle formation

- Front ripple line: leg goes back on the diagonal so no one gets hurt.

- Amanda hit a first position while waiting on the sides.

- Aliecia be on the outside of alaina in formation after the last supper

After Choir Formation:

(Kayla Smith should stand where Rhe'a is standing)

Demons 2: TAKE 1

- Rhe'a have right leg forward.

- Hands towards Geovanna in electric movement.

- Very early for the drop. Take your time in the noodle arm section.

- Xavier: know the formation in the straight line.

Demons 2: TAKE 2:

- Dont travel downstage so much!

- use body when being electrocuted.

- hit the second static before intense choreo!

- Fan together! Know the counts!