May 10 Rehearsal - SHOW NOTES

Below you can view and read our show notes from our rehearsal for our production titled "The Bus Stop" on May 10 at Ready Set Dance. Please use these notes as a reference for your learning process. It is strictly prohibited to showcase share these notes to your friends and family.



- TAKE 1:

o EVERYONE Snap heads on count 8 and then return looking in the direction you are walking on count 1.

o Walk through your feet, roll through your heel, ball of the foot, and then toes.

o Jump as high as Jeovanni in the chorus section.

o Skylar: fully straighten arm in the wave ripple.

o Everyone: put your feet together in releve in the wave ripple.

o Jeovanni: take longer after the section with Edwardo.

o Skylar: lower on heartbeat section.


o Diana: use stillness before your solo.

- TAKE 2:

o All choices this run was great! Keep them!

o Use your spacing, it gets tight sometimes, be aware of your surroundings.

o Diagonal from bench to bench.

Homeless Woman

- TAKE 1:

o Marissa joined in a little too early.

Mean Girls:

- TAKE 1:

o Stretch legs in the floor fan.

o Faith: great choice before grabbing Skylar’s hand.

o Faith: make sure to arch up.

o Turn together in the chorus.

o Be sure of the choreo, because it is showing on your faces.


- TAKE 2:

o Faith: you have more time with the bench choreo

o Roll together before arch up.

o Faith behind bench with the walks

The Fight:

- TAKE 1:

o Add stomp of the foot on count 8 before starting the main choreo

o Look and interact with your faces a bit more with one another.

o Alaina take out extra chug at the end.

o Amanda bigger kick to Edwardo.

- TAKE 2:

o I like Amanda falling behind the bench.

o Watch out with the partnering and spacing.

o Amanda: extend leg to side.

o Chug together at the end!


- TAKE 1:

o Run with your arms

o Connect coupe after floor cartwheel.

o Be dead, try not to move.

- TAKE 2:

o At end, hands come from behind the chair to your neck.

o Let head and eyes get closer to your hands after they open on the chair as a book.

Domestic Violence Duet:

- TAKE 1:

o Jeo: put chair on the other side of the stage.

o Throw to Edwardo

o Jeo: drink with purpose.

o Look up away from floor.

o Finish all movement.

- TAKE 2:

o Be aware of your spacing.

o Watch the bench!


- TAKE 1:

o Faith And Skylar: remember to look up.

o Use pelvic to come up from arch.

o Don’t move a muscle as you wait for your “booty lick”

o Skylar and Alaina: leg up with your slide to floor towards Marissa.

o When you shake hands; don’t look at each other.


- TAKE 2:

o Look Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

o Alaina: look at Marissa as you walk to your formation.

o Ending formation needs to move downstage.