March 29 Rehearsal - The Bus Stop Opening

Below you can view our videos from our rehearsal for our production titled "The Bus Stop" on March 29 at Ready Set Dance. Please use these videos as a reference for your learning process. It is strictly prohibited to showcase these videos to your friends and family.


Performance Notes:


- Faith make sure to pick up Skylar for baby cradle.

- Watch your timing. Dance on top of the music.

- Wrist Choreo needs to be sharp and finished.

- Go over ending choreography to ensure you all dance together.

- Faith & Skylar - we need to add a transition to before you walk to the bus stop at the end.

- Marissa: look at the park bench as you run back and forth to foreshadow the ending duet. Feel as if you have no home as you look at each bench.

The Fight:

- "Look don't touch" choreo needs to be sharper throughout the dance.

- Work on stamina and cardio for this dance to come alive.

- Find moments in the choreo to breath, they are there but you are not using them.

- Work ON TIMING! Do not be early. Stay on top of your music.

- Alaina: After pulling Amanda's foot and dragging her throw her foot down to finish the movement and let an easier transition to the next move.


- Finish your movement, don't start the next step until the previous step is fulfilled.

- Smoothen our the choreo, make it look like you are soaring.

- During "sorry mom" don't look down, keep your focus up at the audience, as if you are talking to them.

- When in front of bus stop and your are throwing your arms, live in that moment. make it bigger. Don't be internal there.

- First roll is a regular roll, second roll should be a dead bug, both legs and arms up i the air.

- After long moment when arms come up your neck, they go to the chair, don't forget to open your wrists up as they clasp on the chai before moving to the next movement.

- Make your death, slower. Move like molasses.


- Jeo: be extremely aggressive in the beginning choreo!

-- Jeo: Less steps running back to center, be grounded.

- Jeo: more plie after the barrel turn to embrace the ground, and help with stability.

- Very early before duet section, make sure to finish all movement.

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