March 12 Rehearsal - Show Notes

Thanks to all thirteen of you for doing your part and making this performance come to life. You are all taking the notes and are looking beautiful as you dance this show. I know this performance may be different for some of you, not because of how dark it is but for how extremely involved it is with a story. Please know as individuals you look amazing and then as the bigger picture the show is astounding. I know I have a bias opinion but i truly believe it is something special. There are parts I plan on working on at our Tuesday Rehearsal to make things better for everyone. Please let me know if there is something that seems weird to you and I may be able to change it.

Here are the notes from our rehearsal on March 12...


- Walk on the same foot at the same time.

- Great timing bringing up your arms before the arm choreography.

- Arms up and head up and at separate times.

- Plie at the same level.

- Embrace the floor when you fall to it.

- Dancers on knees: the up, up, out, in should all be separate timing.

- Macy: make sure to be on the inside of Jeo on floor.

- Watch timing with the arms choreography on floor.

- Parents slow down choreography.

- Make sure to watch spacing for Family in the upstage horizontal line.

- Family: Stagger line after parallel assemble.

- Leg up in attitude together!

- The horizontal line downstage needs to be spaced out better.


- React to Diana’s energy at the end of Funeral 1.

- Can look at audience to spot.


- Bre: hit the line after hugging Caila.

- Jazlyn, Jeo, Veronica: watch arms in turn.

- The formation is allowed to be wonky.

- Alix: look at your children when you do a move with them at the end.


- Release chest in hinge, don’t hold breath.

- The hands up is not the look at the missing person.


- Alix: have moment with audience before the leap over Jeo.

- Great duet!

- Watch timing, with the partner part.

- End the duet, parents set up the next piece for


- Veronica & Bre go out with Caila.

- Watch diagonal formation, when Diana dances through the line.


- Casey focus on candle at the end of choreography before standing up and running away.


- Beautiful solo!


- Spread out downstage line when dancers invert their wrists.

- Ariel slower to come to the front. Have a slow walk or even take more time holding before running downstage.

- Macy be in the front line when the lines split into two.

- Chelsea: find movements to milk at the end before running away.

- Casey: hug the other side of the friends so they can see you.


- Watch the spacing of the trio.

- Finish movement: don’t stop the movements early.


- Diana: touch Chelsea’s hand

- Make sure to find moments to breathe.


- Ariel run the other way to avoid Diana.

- Watch spacing!

- Timing into Diagonal, we were very late.


- Line coming out- make sure we understand the order.

- Walk fast for funeral 2 so get into spots.

- Lean together and sustain the movement before going to c curve.

- Look at each other as you walk to your formation for the inverted waffle phrase.


- Slow down the movement.

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