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February 24 Rehearsal - Show Notes

Here you will find the show notes from our rehearsal f on February 24 at Ready Set Dance. Please use these videos as a learning tool to better your choreography and the process. These videos are to not be shared with friends or family or anyone. Sharing these videos is strictly prohibited.

Show Notes


Opener (Take 1):

- OC: check your counts for the beginning; Make sure to start on count 1.

- Everyone: if you have time to get to your spot, please use all of your time, create some character gestural work so you are not just standing in place waiting for the cue.

- Hunter: please dance full out.

- Trio with Ariel: Ariel’s legs are higher than everyone else’s when going to the floor and rising legs up, please found a height between all three of you and try and match each other.

- Bre: plie more in trio section in the move when your hands are behind your head.

- Caila & Crystal: Caila flexed her foot in the leg extension to corner and Crystal was pointed, make sure we are flexing.

- EVERYONE: Watch your mouths about half of you are squeezing your lips together and not only is it not attractive to watch, it hinders the expression of your face so you all look like to be working way too hard to produce the work, the work is hard, I understand that but ease through it and make it look seamless.

- Alix: watch your arms when running, use your plie and stay grounded when you run.

- ??? – Timing of trio verses duo

- Casey: while walking on for “girl talk” be a bitch and ignore Kaylee.

- Everyone: watch your arms in jazz square; they are stylized not thrown away.

- Bre: when you run on stage for your duo with OC, run right to her and take away the quick steps when you get to her. You can make it a jog, less of a sprint.

Opener (Take 3):

- OC: take your time walking and make sure to start on count 1.

- Hunter: be more grounded when you’re run, low and wide.

- Kaylee, Bre, Rhea: Click your feet together, when hands are on floor, at the same height. Match whoever is the highest.

- Rhe’a: smooth transition to floor in trio section with Carly and Ariel.

- Aliecia: don’t prep to do the choreography after walking on with girl talk.

- DIRECTOR NOTE: Add a point up so dancers do not wait and set up choreography too early.

- Everyone: When sitting on stage in or between chairs, before ending choreography, you can talk to each other.

- Kaylee: in group choreography when you jump your feet together and snap your hands up, make sure to face the correct way.

Interlude #1:

- DIRECTOR’S NOTE: Add up and down to Caila, Cary, Ariel as they wait for the other three on chairs.

- DIRECTOR’S NOTE: Caila to run behind chair instead of front of the chair.

- Everyone: you have too much time, you are going to fast (maybe we have more time before the solo section)

- Everyone: Good timing for the signing section – worked out great with the transition to the next dance.

Just Do It

- Crystal: use more upper body when rotating your knees.

- Casey: have your body more horizontal in doing attitude turn

- Crystal: night height of the tour but make sure to plie downwards do the chair doesn’t move.

- Crystal: Watch your supporting leg when doing figure 4

- Casey: Nice pencil turn!

Interlude #2:

- ?? Push with more aggression.

- Kaylee: use your upper body more when doing the leg work. When you stay on your supporting leg nf wing your leg through two times. Upper body needs to be smooth not stiff.

- Caila, Kaylee, Rhea, Carly: put a hand on Ariel after running to her before stepping into your next piece of choreogarhy around her I the chair.

- Everyone: Watch your arms in the attitude turn, make sure you are all doing the same arms.

The Confessional:

- Alix had a hiccup – review choreography

- Both: pointe toes in roll.

- Alix: watching blocking so you are never directly behind the prop.

- Both: Bigger hips/knee rotation when your do one leg than the other. Was too small.

- Alix: know the hand choreography

- DIRCETOR’S NOTE: re work the part where Ariel is behind the prop, it didn’t read well.

- Alix: have a bigger leg and intensity in the killing section.

- Both: I loved the aggression when grabbing Ariel, keep it.

- Alix: try to glide more with the prop.

- Both: work your partnering…

- DIRECTOR’S NOTE: Rework who pushed the prop to center.

- Both: really work your partnering before running the dance so you can perform it.

- Ariel: did you forget choreo, is the hitting of the floor supposed to be there?

- DIRECTOR’S NOTE: rework prop and finalize lifts.

Interlude #3:

- Kaylee: in straight line, look to your right. It should be every other who is looking right verse straight.

- Everyone: watch your feet after the ripple section, stand in a parallel.

- Everyone: Let’s move upstage in silence, so you don’t have to wait for the next song to start.

- Everyone: when the prosecution song starts, keep your focus on rhea the entire time.

The Prosecution:

- Hunter: be ready it happens so fast

- April: nice quality of movement, keep it!

- Bre: nice triple!

- Everyone: more levels on the hip bump/twist.

- Everyone: if you are ever early play with space and gestural movement.

- DIRECTOR’S NOTE: Lets move the gloves to the front corner so we don’t have to rely on anyone handing them to rhea as well as they will start and finish in the same place.

- Bre and April: work transition out of the llast lift when bre is on Aprils shoulder.

- Everyone: point feet when rolling to the floor

- Everyone: Good timing at the end before sitting in the line of chairs.

- April: late when raising your hands up.

- Rhea: I like the foot twitching, keep that.

- Bre and April: make sure to go off the wing on the side not the back.

Interlude #4:

- Carly, Kaylee: lets stand up when caila trys to go talk to rhea.

- DIRECTORS NOTE - Change chairs setup, can be every other.

- Everyone: make sure to roll your head together at the same time.

- Kaylee: touch rhea. (not sure what this is referring too)

- Rhea, Carly, Ariel : no more under the log to go through the chairs, there is no space.

- Everyone: if early just walk forward towards the audience until count 1.

- Everyone: make sure to hit coupe turn. Some were in passe.

ACT 2:

Interlude 5:

- DIRECTOR’S NOTE: Look at the push Casey moment.

- Everyone: timing! You were all very early.

- Everyone: make sure to sway left first!

- Carly: great quality of movement in solo section; keep it.

- DIRECTOR’S NOTE: have Kaylee use the chair instead of around the chair.

- Everyone: make sure to put chairs to in the 4 corners.

Carl Solo:

- On the loud ding, fall to knees and then on cymbals make your way back up on your feet.

- There is a lot of room to play, use the PTSD approach to help fill the time.

- You don’t have to go to floor for the fan anymore, in first quick part. Stay up and that will help the choreo flow.

- Great timing with the crawls.

- Have more aggression in the run at the end to the chair.

OC & Carly Duet:

- Both: make sure you both block your ears when the black sound comes.

- Carly: look at watch during long nothing for some codemy as like why am I taking so long to answer these questions.

OC, Carly, Hunter Trio:

- Hunter, OC: Make sure to work the lift or needs to be dumbed down.

- Hunter: smoothen the choreography before cartwheel part.

- Hunter: make sure to know the group choreography.

- DIRECTOR’S NOTE: change the c jump into pike if cannot be performed.

- OC had a small hiccup – just go over choreo sequence.

- Hunter: rotate attitude leg in turning layout, with the arch.

OC, Carly, Hunter, Crystal Quad:

- Everyone: Do not anticipate the group choreography; play around with gestural work

- Everyone: MAKE SURE TO RUN! – do not jog!

- ????: get off of the ground faster.

- Carly: go over ending choreography

Crystal, OC Duet:

- DIRECTOR’S NOTE: have OC Stay on stage form last group section to this.

- DIRECTOR’S NOTE: does Crystal have a flashlight?

Group Police Dance:

- Everyone: keep your eyes up, don’t look at the ground

- - Alieica: make sure you are fanning your leg not just doing a battement. Add yourf upper body to help with the look of the fan.

- Carly: can take long with the choreo going across the stage if needed. Its okay if it gooes longer.

- ????: Run to crystal

- Everyone: more arch in attitude turn.

- Aliecia, Bre: walk to your duet position and look at each other to add some intent and purpose to your duet.

- Everyone: when everyone gets to Hunter, start the walk backwards to upstage.

Interlude 6:

- Caila: early for barrel turn

- Kaylee: go over choreography

- Leads: make sure chairs are upstage so there is room for the group part of this interlude.

- Hunter, Crystal: transition to and from chair.

- ??? – get low and arch back.

- Everyone: why are we walking to chairs, run or jog, have a lot of energy! Walking won’t cut it for this interlude.

- Everyone: extend arms to make your entire movement look bigger!


- Hunter: make sure to run! Don’t walk or jog.

One Second:

- Be softer and smoother when come up from the rolls.

- More plie after the flip in side lunge

- Watch shoulders in chaine (with the football arms)

Interlude 7:

- Everyone: know how to get to your spots throughout this interlude, take your time.

- Ariel: forgot coupe.

- Everyone: walk better to your chair, stay calm and in character, don’t look alarmed or like you forgot something.

- Everyone: Good timing at the end.

Dear Dave:

- DIRECTORS NOTE: don’t have Caila look at her watch, have her sitting and writing a letter.



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