April 26 Rehearsal - The Bus Stop: Closing

Below you can view our videos from our rehearsal for our production titled "The Bus Stop" on April 26 at Ready Set Dance. Please use these videos as a reference for your learning process. It is strictly prohibited to showcase these videos to your friends and family.




-ADD ON: Everyone snap their heads to the right on 8 after 8 counts of walking.

- Group section needs to be clean!

- Remember who does the passe versus the battement.

- After group section into the second round of solos, we were all very late!

- Faith and Skylar: be together at end of duet section

- Ending formation needs to be worked.


- Marissa and Diana work on being together in ending choreography.


- Faith: needs a better way to the ground.

- All of you were extremely early. Take your time and breathe throughout the movement.


- Be together for ending choreography!

The Fight:

- Alaina: say no bigger for audience to see.

- Work on your stamina still, it was much better.

- I still need to add breathing movements.


- Smooth the floor choreography.

- Work on not using your hand to push off the ground.

- Break wrist on chair at the end.


- Jeo: snap towards Edwardo with first move.

- Jeo: use plie for double stage, before and after

- Jeo: Take away the bottle choreo and just interact with the bench.

- Jeo: Round the parallel attitude.

- Jeo: Only one head roll, take away the second

- Transition toe duet section was early, but I think it was cause we marked it.